Solar-Electric Cargo Bike!

NTS SunCycle – solar powered electric assist and shopping secured inside!


Let’s face it. Bicycle babes like, love to shop!  When you’re not paying for petrol, servicing and parking there is just a whole lot more cash in your wallet for everything else a girl could want.

But let’s also face it, when you go on a shopping spree by bicycle there is sometimes a small problem, space!

A standard bicycle basket can carry a surprising amount, but there are times when you need to carry larger items, pets, deliver goods or take a picnic to the beach that a cargo bicycle comes in handy.

Or if you’re someone who wants to save dollars and run your business by bicycle then cargo bicycles, especially electric assist, are the bicycles to get.

There are many cargo bicycles in the world, but few, in fact none, cater specifically for women.

None, except for a new bicycle we discovered in the USA, designed by Japaneses American inventor Neal Saiki, and like so many Japaneses inventions this bicycle is superbly designed with beauty and function in mind.

NTS PickupCycle - for days at the beach, business deliveries or shopping sprees!

NTS PickupCycle – for days at the beach, business deliveries or shopping sprees!


Cargo bicycles can be large, heavy and hard to handle, but the NTS electric bicycle range is designed like no other cargo bicycle and rides like a dream.

They are compact, light weight, have electric assist so even the heaviest load is a breeze to bike around, and the stability of the cargo box being above the front wheel, makes it a beautiful bicycle for the first time, and the all time, cargo-bicycle babe.

There is one final piece to the NTS electric cargo bicycles that we love the most because it was Neal’s meeting with The Bike In My Life that just might have been, although we’re not taken any credit, the catalyst to this very cool component.

The NTS LockerCycle and NTS SunCycle have a cargo box that locks making shopping sprees even more fun, free and super secure!

Now that’s a cargo bicycle you’d want to buy.

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